'eHealth' changes name to 'Social Hearing Science'

One of our research area now has a new strategy and a new name: Social Hearing Science.


We are happy to announce that our research area 'eHealth' has now been renamed 'Social Hearing Science'.

With the new name comes a new strategy focusing on generating insights that can be used to change hearing health behaviors for awareness, uptake, and use of hearing technologies. These can lead to social connectedness and engagement between people with hearing loss, their family and friends, and hearing care providers.

"My area is dealing with how the person function and relate to the real world," Research Area Manager Gaby Saunders says.

Gaby Saunders explains that 'Social Hearing Science' works good in combination with the other research areas 'Cognitive Hearing Science' and 'Augmented Hearing Science'.

Learn more about her reasons for choosing the name 'Social Hearing Science' in the video below. 

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