Workshops, networking, and camping: Eriksholm summer camp inspired young audiologists

59 young audiologists from all over the world visited Eriksholm for the yearly ‘Eriksholm summer camp’ last week. They were here to get new knowledge on technologies and research and to network with fellow audiologists from other countries.


When contemplating the view of the garden from the office windows at Eriksholm a slightly different sight met us last week. Big tents covered the grass, and the place was buzzing with life, as young audiologists from all over the world moved in to join the Eriksholm summer camp.

The yearly camp is organized by Oticon and hosted by Eriksholm. The idea is to offer a place for young audiologists and students from 20 different countries to meet, exchange ideas, and get access to the newest knowledge on hearing impairment. It seemed to work:

“It’s the most beautiful camp I have ever been to,” said participant Hermant Muggen from the Netherlands on the last day of the camp. “The organizing is good, people are really nice, and everything just fits together.”

Behind the curtains of Eriksholm and Oticon

On Thursday the participants got a sneak peek into our research and saw demonstrations of the technology that researchers at Eriksholm are developing. On Friday they were taken to the Oticon headquarters which seemed to be really interesting for the participants we talked to.

Getting a spot at the summer camp is not easy and the young audiologists seem pretty excited to go to Denmark and be fed with brand-new information, see how Oticon and Eriksholm works, and discuss future possibilities for hearing care. Especially the exchange of experiences from different countries always seems to make an impact.

“Not all functions of the hearing aids are accessible in my country, so when I come back, I can share my experience. Both about the latest technology and how people think about audiology around the world,” explained 23-year old Kaylin Jong from Taiwan, who is working in a hearing aid company but hopes to one day work with audiology in other countries as well.

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Camping and international evening

Even though the international aspect is important to Kaylin, something else also caught her attention:

“I seldom do camping at home, so staying in a big tent with my colleagues and my friends is really a special experience,” she said.

Beside lectures and workshops, the summer camp also offered camping under the stars (at the mercy of the Danish weather), getting new friends, visiting Copenhagen, and talking by the bonfire at night. Saturday night was the ‘international evening’ where every participant brings their favourite food or drinks from their home country.

Filled with new impressions after the four-day program the participants packed their bags Sunday morning.

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