Danish hearing aid users collect data in big EU project

The Big Data EU project EVOTION is now welcoming 40 Danish test subjects.


The Big Data, EU funded, EVOTION project is a large collaborative project with many international partners and 1000+ test subjects in Greece, the UK, and now also in Denmark!

40 Danish Eriksholm test subjects will participate in the project. They will be equipped with EVOTION hearing aids and a Smartphone with a special EVOTION App, which enables transfer of sound environment data from the EVOTION hearing aids to the phone. This week, The Danish test subjects were all invited for information meetings giving them a thorough introduction to the project and their tasks as test subjects.

“It is wonderful that we can involve Danish test subjects. It means that we get data and experiences from more places, more situations, and across borders. Eriksholm test subjects contribute to the quality and value of the whole project,” says the EVOTION project manager Niels Henrik Meedom.

All 1000+ European test subjects in EVOTION collect and transmit data about their everyday use of their hearing aids for a one-year period. Using these data, the EVOTION partners will find patterns in when, how, and why hearing aids are being used in specific sound environments.

The data we gather through EVOTION comes from actual hearing aid users in their everyday life. It is not experimental setups but data collected by real daily use including data about the controlling of the hearing aids versus the sound environment. All data are anonymized, but the patterns we will do our best to find, will be of tremendous value because they are based on real situations,” explains Niels Henrik Meedom.

The insights found by analyzing the data will be used to develop better hearing health care policies within the EU. 

“The test subjects do quite some work when they assist in data collecting throughout a year. We are very grateful about that. Naturally, we hope to demonstrate results which can be of real help for both individual future users and for the hearing health care in general,” says Niels Henrik Meedom.

Read more about EVOTION on the project website.

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    Research clinician Rikke Rossing gave a presentation on the EVOTION project for the Danish participants.
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    A lot of work was done to ensure that all the test subjects had the information they needed to participate in the project.