Future audiologists visited Eriksholm

We had the honor of hosting 17 motivated audiology students from Copenhagen University.


It is always refreshing to meet the future generation.

That also accounted for this Wednesday, where 17 audiology students from Copenhagen University visited Eriksholm Research Centre.

They were here to meet our research clinicians and learn more about what kind of job their education may lead to. Our clinicians all presented what they are doing here at Eriksholm, and what their roles in our current research projects are.

“Research as a profession is not something we hear much about during the study, so I saw this as an opportunity to learn more,” said bachelor student Hjørdis Huginsdóttir Eide, who joined the trip to Eriksholm to get a glimpse into the world of research.

“The research going on here is a lot closer to reality than I thought it would be. It was really exciting to learn about the whole process from hypotheses to final study result,” she explained.

Besides introducing our work, our research clinicians also challenged the students in a workshop, where they got a chance to discuss a future eClinic from the perspective of both the audiologist and the user. The idea was to introduce a new perspective on the possible future of the hearing rehabilitation.

The students seemed eager to learn and had many interesting questions. As for Hjørdis, she left Eriksholm with a good insight into all the background work that goes into the development of a hearing aid.

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