Master Students

Here at Eriksholm we benefit from collaborating with potential future scientists. That is why we regularly invite master’s students to spend time at Eriksholm as interns or when carrying out experiments for, and writing their master’s thesis. Meet some of them here.

Meet our current Master students

Meet some of our former Master students:


Simon With

Audiology at The University of Southern Denmark, DK.



My name is Simon.


I started as an intern at Eriksholm last august as a master student in audiology. I was in my second to last semester at the university, so it was nice to get the opportunity to see how research was done outside the frame I was normally used to.


 I have been working in the Superman team, with Sergi Griful as supervisor. Since I started I tagged along Teresa Cabellas project for a couple of months which was really nice as it gave a good perspective on how to structure and plan a good project. From the middle of October I worked remotely, trying to help as much as I could online, and after January I started working on my own thesis.


Here I investigated how normal hearing persons are affected by visual ques and how the difference in material influences how we understand conversation. Hopefully this knowledge can help in the overall perspective in what the superman group is investigating so that we can have a more holistic understanding how we hear speech.

After my thesis I have been hired as a research clinician at Eriksholm so to some extend I will still be working with this subject and more.

When not working, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, and hiking / camp-life and playing boardgames.


Teresa Cabella

Biomedical engineering Master’s student at the University of Glasgow, UK.


My name is Teresa and I am a Biomedical engineering Master’s student at the University of Glasgow.  

Since July, I have joined the Superman team at the Eriksholm research centre. Here, I’m working full time at my Master’s project focusing on investing eye behavior of hearing impaired adults listening to a natural conversation with background noise.  

For the purpose of this research, we aim to explore how individuals might adapt their oculomotor behaviour to compensate for the difficulty of the listening scenario. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the optimization of algorithms that use eye movements to steer the beamforming of hearing aids to achieve task selection via eye input.

The project will be supervised by Martha Shiell, Sergi Rotger Griful and Johannes Zaar, and assisted by another master’s student, Simon With. 

When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy spending time outside, exercise, cooking some Italian dishes and explore Copenhagen with my bike!