Research area changes name to 'Augmented Hearing'


The research area formerly known as 'Advanced Algorithms' is now called 'Augmented Hearing'.


We are happy to announce that our research area ’Advanced Algorithms’ has changed its name to ‘Augmented Hearing’ to more clearly capture the work of the group.

The new name reflects our ambition to develop new ways of improving access to sound for people with hearing problems. Augmented Hearing describes the analysis and optimized re-synthesis/presentation of surrounding sounds that enhances clarity and independent object formation in the brain. Augmentation goes beyond compensation: Why settle for anything less than super-human hearing?


We are looking into a future where hearing devices will become much more powerful than today: They will be connected to cloud services and will feature local processing based on artificial intelligence. With Augmented Hearing, we are looking at how the advanced hearing devices extend the capabilities of impaired hearing to combine suppression of noises and enhanced presentation of relevant sounds.

Last year we showed that separating two voices with deep neural networks and thereafter presenting the separated voices, one in each ear, did improve the ability to recognize those voices as separate streams – that is one example of Augmented Hearing of the future.


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