Boom in new students doing their thesis at Eriksholm

No less than 12 master and bachelor students are being supervised by Eriksholm researchers this semester.


Every semester Eriksholm Research Centre welcomes students interested in doing their master's or bachelor's thesis in collaboration with our researchers.

The spring of 2018, however, marks a particularly lively atmosphere at Eriksholm, since no less than 12 students are doing their thesis with us. Not only do they represent five different universities that Eriksholm is collaborating with - they also represent a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Some of them are based at their university, but visits occasionally to meet up with their supervisors at Eriksholm, while others are here every or most days of the week to do tests and write.

We are of course pleased to be able to host this many students wanting to work within our fields of research, and we are looking forward to seeing the results of the work of these bright young minds.

Here follows a short presentation of our new colleagues:

  • stud_spring2018_jeppeognikolaj

    Jeppe Gravgaard and Nikolaj Krabbe Skousen

    Aarhus University

  • helga_telimachos
    Helga Svala Sigurdardottir and Tilemachos-Dimitrios Pantazis
    Technical University of Denmark
  • stud_spring2018_lotte

    Lotte Simone Emilie Petersen

    University of Southern Denmark

Johan Nyberg and Elias Nyhlen from University of Gothenburg are doing their bachelor's thesis with Eriksholm Research Centre as their office. Johan and Elias are busy working with listening effort – to be more precise: pupillometry and perceived effort in difficult listening situations - as part of the Cognitive Hearing Science group. Their picture is on top of the article.

Jeppe Gravgaard and Nikolaj Krabbe Skousen are Biomedical engineering students at Aarhus University and working with the eHealth group to do their master's thesis. Jeppe and Nikolaj will be working on identifying the context of hearing impaired users – for instance finding out what they do. To do so, they will use hearing aid data and other sensor data.

Helga Svala Sigurdardottir is doing her master's at DTU Compute in collaboration with Eriksholm's Augmented Hearing group. Her project will focus on audio classification of voices or sound environments, and she will be using deep learning neural networks.

Tilemachos-Dimitrios Pantazis is also a DTU Compute student working on his master's thesis regarding the same topic as Helga. Both of the projects aim at using the data to better understand hearing aid user experiences and what they need to improve their experience.

Lotte Simone Emilie Petersen is studying Audiology at the University of Southern Denmark. She is doing her bachelor's thesis at Eriksholm with the Cognitive Hearing Science group working on the effect of ear preparation in electrophysiological recordings.

Sanne Mehrfeld Møller is studying her master's in Audiology at University of Southern Denmark. She is working closely with the Cognitive Hearing Science group and writing about listening effort by combining pupillometry and the Danish SWIR.

Martin Sollenberg and Johan Lindqvist from Lund University are studying their master's in Electrical Engineering with a focus on automatic control. They are working on multi-microphone, multi-beamformer steering in their master's thesis in collaboration with the Cognitive Hearing Science group.

Andrew Segar and Carlos Francisco Mendoza Lara are based in Lund University, where they study Mathematical Statistics, but they are doing their master's thesis in collaboration with Eriksholm. The focus in the thesis is on auditory attention modulation and understanding the relation between sound and the ‘listening brain’. 

  • stud_spring2018_sanne

    Sanne Mehrfeld Møller

    University of Southern Denmark
  • stud_spring2018_johanogmartin

    Martin Sollenberg and Johan Lindqvist

    Lund University
  • stud_spring2018_andrewandcarlos

    Andrew Segar and Carlos Francisco Mendoza Lara

    Lund University
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