World Hearing Day: Eriksholm meets the public

To celebrate World Hearing Day, the clinicians at Eriksholm Research Centre put up a booth to meet the users.


Every year the 3rd of March marks a special focus on hearing care. It is World Hearing Day.

‘World Hearing Day’ is a day dedicated to hearing loss awareness and promotion of hearing care. This year the World Health Organization has decided on the theme 'Hear the future' to “draw attention to the anticipated increase in the number of people with hearing loss around the world in the coming decades,” according to the WHO website. Something very relevant to the research at Eriksholm Research Centre.

At Eriksholm Research Centre we started celebrating a day early by participating in a big open house event at William Demant’s headquarters. Our research clinicians put up a booth and armed with flyers, chocolate and professional competency, they were ready to meet no less than 400 guests attending the event. The event was open to the public, but most of the guests were hearing aid users themselves.

“It is always very exciting to meet the hearing aid users. They tell us very honest stories about their experiences,” explains research clinician Louise Lystrup, who was one of the Eriksholm representatives.

The guests were very interested in a casual talk at the booth to get input on hearing care and learn about Eriksholm Research Centre.

“Most of them find it interesting to hear about our research and how it is to be a test subject at Eriksholm. It gets their attention that we are not just looking at hearing aids, but also for instance research on the brain. And they seem impressed with what we do," tells Louise Lystrup.

Happy World Hearing Day to all of you!

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