Palau Vincles is the social project of the Palau de la Música Catalana

We aim to promote social inclusion and integration through collective choral practice for children and youth.

The project seeks to strengthen and expand the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Orfeó Català's commitment to service and their social and solidarity dimension.


The goal of Palau Vincles is to promote social inclusion and integration through the collective choral practice of children and young people in vulnerable areas or situations, based on the belief in the great power of personal and social transformation that choral practice can bring.

Beyond musical practice, the purpose of Palau Vincles is to harness the tools that music, and specifically singing, offer in the personal growth of children and adolescents, positively impacting values education, psychosocial and pedagogical development, and providing opportunities.

Currently, Palau Vincles provides free choral training to 600 children and young people directly through 12 spaces, including open centers, foundations, and schools, and up to 1,300 boys and girls and 83 choral formations through the choirs affiliated with the Palau project. Choral formations rehearse once or twice a week, depending on the group, and annually perform around 150 concerts, with two flagship concerts held each year at the Palau Concert Hall, where family members attend as guests.

Through Palau Vincles, the organization rekindles some of its foundational values, such as participation and social commitment.

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